Lecture & Seminar Hall

At BIMT Lecture & Seminars are thoughtfully designed to induce high quality learning atmosphere. These lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like overhead projector, multimedia aids, Lcd and Sound System etc. which is the ideal  venue for  seminars by    corporate,   nonprofit government organizations, and professional associations members to  talk and deliver lectures to  the  students of our college  to provide  them a  better and closer insight into the working of their different fields.



The library is committed to offer rapid response with greater flexibility to meet the needs of a growing student and faculty community. The library ensures that students have not only their relevant course books, journals and reference books but also have reading material that increases knowledge for an over-all development of their personality. The Libraries also contain audio-visual facilities.


Health Services
The Institute provides best possible health care facilities to its students for their well being. The college provides First Aid Medical Facilities available within the campus.
Special facilities are also provided at the time of emergency, in the campus
Medical claim Policy: The college is providing the Group Medical claim and Accident Policy which protects students adequately against sudden health emergencies. The cost is borne by Insurance Company of any Accidental Incident.


Photo Copy

Photo Copy Facility is also provided to the students in campus itself to enable students to Xerox their notes, documents on self support basis and on reasonable charges.


At BIMT to the multiethnic tastes of the students the added facility of cafeteria is also functioning under the supervision of Nescafe in the campus. Quality snacks, soft drinks, other beverages and lunch are served here at a subsidized rate, both to the students and staff members.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities areĀ  permanent feature of Bimt where the students are encouraged to plan and organize co-curricular and extracurricular activities on their own with the basic support from the Institute, which includes intellectual , creative & cultural aspects of society that inculcates in them the spirit of independence and an understanding of several aspects of management. They undertake such activities not merely for the learning value & pleasure but also to demonstrate their professionalism, enthusiasm, devotion, team spirit, unimaginable productivity, and unbounded creativity.